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Philosophy Care

Philosophy Care

The following outlines the Philosophy of Care for our Service Users:


Privacy: The right of the Service Users to maintain privacy in their life within the home.


Dignity: Understanding the needs of the Service Users; ensuring that they are given respect and any personal support is provided in private and with sensitivity.


Independence: Facilitating a Service Users to make their own decisions regarding their activities and lifestyle within their assessed care plan and capabilities.


Choice: Encouraging Service Users to make alternative choices as part of the care they are provided and to ensure that they are enabled to take responsible risks.


Rights: Ensuring all Service Users receive their basic human and ethnic rights.


Fulfilment: Enabling Service Users to realise and maintain their own abilities and aims and supporting them to achieve this in all aspects of daily living.


Equal Opportunities: Giving all Service Users equal opportunities and not discriminating against on the grounds of ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.



“All the family members are extremely grateful for all that was done for mother during the 17 months she spent with you. She was obviously content in her surroundings as she never once said that she didn't like where she was she never complained about anything.”

“She was well looked after and we were always made welcome when we came to visit. All the staff were very caring and friendly and we are very glad that we chose that mother came to you when she came out of hospital.”


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Philosophy Care